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P-ISSN: 2788-8428, E-ISSN: 2788-8436

2023, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part A

Review on current epidemiological status and public health importance of bovine tuberculosis in Ethiopia

Author(s): Dr. Yeshiwas Tarekegn

Abstract: The review conducted in these papers revealed the prevalence estimate of B. tuberculosis in Ethiopia was determined to be 5.8%. Bovine tuberculosis (BTB) is a known endemic illness of cattle in Ethiopia. The prevalence of intensive dairy production systems was higher (3.1-68%) than that of large livestock production systems (3.4-6.2%) and slaughterhouses (3.5-32%) in different regions of the nation. In Holstein-Friesians, the incidence was higher (14.7-30.7%) than in local zebus (3.4-4.9%) and was linked to genetic resistance. In comparison to the prevalence seen in the established dairy belt in the central areas of Ethiopia, particularly in and around Addis Ababa City, the review also revealed comparatively low average prevalence in the rising dairy districts. Because there are currently fewer animals affected in a smaller geographic area, disease control measures like milk pasteurization, meat inspection, raising awareness about the use of raw milk and milk products, regulating animal movement, and selective breeding for resistant traits will therefore be simpler, less expensive, and more effective to implement now than in the future. Finally, this analysis demonstrated therefore, it is recommended that these hotspots be given priority in the design and execution of BTB control methods in Ethiopia in order to lessen the disease's effects on the expanding dairy industry. The economic burden of the disease and the cost-effectiveness of these various control approaches both call for further study.

DOI: 10.22271/letters.2023.v3.i2a.65

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