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2023, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A

Wet season water quality and zooplanktons community of Jibia lake, Katsina state, Nigeria

Author(s): Auta T, Alexander A and Bichi AH

Abstract: Water quality of freshwater ecosystem interacts with the biotic components of the ecosystem such as planktons, aquatic insects, snails, and fishes. Their high or low concentrations determine the diversity, distribution and abundance of zooplanktons in the water. This study assessed the water quality of Jibia reservoir, a manmade freshwater lake and how they interact with the zooplankton community in the lake and also provides baseline report on the lake. Water samples were collected between the months of July and September 2019 at five different points of the Lake for physicochemical parameters and zooplanktons analysis using standard procedures. One-Way ANOVA was used in the statistical analysis of data generated, with 0.05 level of significance. Results of the study revealed Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Total Hardness (TH) to differ significantly (p<0.05) with the months, while only Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) varied significantly (p<0.05) with the sampling points of the study. Five subclasses (Monogonata, Phyllopoda, Bdelloidea, Pterygota and Copepoda), with six families (Brachionidae, Daphnidae, Philodinidae, Curculionoidea, Canthocamptidae and Cyclopidae) of zooplanktons were recorded. Rotaria ratatoria 12 (16.90%) and Platypus quadricornis 12 (16.90%) were the most common, while Branchionus angularis 8 (11.27%) was the least common species of zooplanktons in Jibia Lake. Even though the water quality parameters showed varying degrees of interactions with the abundance of zooplanktons, only TDS had strong negative relationship with Eucyclops macruscrus in Jibia Lake during the study. In conclusion, water quality parameters interact favourably with zooplanktons community in Jibia Lake.

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Auta T, Alexander A, Bichi AH. Wet season water quality and zooplanktons community of Jibia lake, Katsina state, Nigeria. Zool Entomol Lett 2023;3(1):13-23.

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