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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part B

The status of the fisheries of the sea cucumber in Sudan red sea coast

Author(s): Abdall N Elawad, Hala Gindeel and Ammar OE Ibrahim

Abstract: This study was conducted to highlight the status of the fisheries of sea cucumber in Sudanese Red Sea Coast, with an attempt to cooperate management between some government institutions and fishing sea cucumber private sector companies. Experimental fishing of sea cucumber for 12 month along Sudanese Red Sea Coast have been conducted in 2010 (April to June). In the Southern part of Red Sea coast (Ashad) and Northern part (Arkayai and Salak), which (Ayed, Najil, Buttan and Aramsk). Sea cucumber fisheries production data were taken from the Red Sea Fisheries Administration office. The results showed that catch per diver is highest in Ashad (2229 pieces) than Salak (229 pieces), but the dried sea cucumber production was highest in Salak (840 tons) than Ashad (754 tons). Nine species were mentioned during study period. H. atra, H. lessonothuria and H. scabra moreare more abundant in Ashad in lower depth (5 to 15m). While in Salak A. miliaris and T. ananas are were more abundant. In Ashad Seabed was covered by sea grass, while in Salak all species of sea cucumber were present in coral habitat. The study results indicate that sea cucumber annually production is facing instability in the range of (2.5-45 tons), urgent management plan is needed to organize the harvesting of sea cucumber along the Sudanese Red Sea coast.

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Abdall N Elawad, Hala Gindeel, Ammar OE Ibrahim. The status of the fisheries of the sea cucumber in Sudan red sea coast. Zool Entomol Lett 2022;2(1):56-59.

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