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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A

The blood sucking hidden monster Chupacabra

Author(s): Muhammad Muzammal and Sana Fatima

Abstract: The Chupacabra is the legendary creature and has experienced a rebirth in recent years. The name of this creature decodes from Spanish word, which means goatsucker and has been reported to prey on lives tock and pets for decades. Some believes that this is a supernatural creature, but others see the creature as a natural phenomenon. Its cases have been reported in America, Chile, Brazil, India and recently in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In Pakistan, eyewitness have claimed that they have not seen such creature in their life. Although there are different theory about this bloodsucker that it is a mad dog with skin disease, a paranormal animal from other world and but still things are unclear. Whatever it is, but it is dangerous. Reports are about the attack of the Chupacabra on goats and pet animals but question remain that humans are safe from it? Although very little in know about the Chupacabra but this mini review will be helpful for the reader not only in Pakistan but all around the world to better understand this creature.

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Muhammad Muzammal, Sana Fatima. The blood sucking hidden monster Chupacabra. Zool Entomol Lett 2022;2(1):26-29.
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