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2021, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part A

The role of trophic factor in microzonal distribution of soil ciliates

Author(s): Ilham Kh. Alekperov

Abstract: Purpose: To identify the influence of the trophic factor on the pedobiont ciliates, field studies of their microzonal distribution in the forest soils of the broad-leaved forests of the Talyshian Mountains (South East Azerbaijan) were carried out.Material and Methods: In total, more than 430 soil samples were collected in the forest soils. 2 plots of 1m2 were marked, at a distance of 0.5 m from each other. Soil monoliths were collected, which were viewed in layers 0-10-15-20 and 25 cm. The quantitative share of ciliates was estimated by the ratio of the number of species n to the total number of all species N of the sample community. To determine pedobiont ciliates, impregnation by silver nitrate (Chatton et Lwoff, 1930) [13] and silver proteinate methods were used (Alekperov, 1992) [1].Results: In total, 72 species of pedobiont ciliates were recorded in experimental plots of forest soils. The groups of dominants, subdominants, secondary and random species and their share in the total number of pedobiont ciliates are established. The last 2 groups are the most numerous and consist of species distributed in fresh waters, which explains their presence in soils only during the period of highest humidity. The vertical quantitative distribution in the control without peptone in different soil horizons showed a high abundance and species diversity of pedobiont ciliates in the surface soil layers (0-10 cm) with a decrease with depth in monoliths with peptone additives, a high abundance, but low species diversity, was observed in these layers.Conclusions: 1. The necessity of studies of ciliates in nature is substantiated. 2. The material should be sufficient for the correct statistical analysis and expressed quantitatively. 3. It is necessary to study a large number of samples with a wide spread over the site.

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